“There can be no peace within society without respecting Human Rights”

The Inter Cultural Centre works to raise awareness of Human Rights as a central theme of every society.

Secondly, giving individuals in society a feeling of belonging and supporting people in developing their aptitudes is not only beneficial for the individual but important for all. It doesn’t only prevent individuals to become marginalized, if someone realizes its own value one can easier forgive others, have compassion and be tolerant.

“A conscious person builds up conscience”

Founder Dr Azmayesh rejuvenated an ancient method to reach to self-knowledge which is called the Path of Substantial Evolution and is supported by the Heart Meditation technique. The path is based on many years of experience, deep Gnostic study and a long line of authorisation over generations. More information can be found on www.heartmeditation.eu


The different facets of the individual development of each person is linked to creativity in music, poetry, art, writing etc. The Inter Cultural Centre organises events sharing and learning music, poetry and art in several countries in Europe.


Scientists are more and more impending facts that show that there is more than just our physical world – the existence of a collective consciousness, the unity of existence and life after death.


Supporting human individual development