13 Jan
  • By ICC
  • Cause in Brussels, Belgium

Start of the Exhibition “Vibrations” in Brussels

Centre “Les Sources” Brussels, 13th January 2017 – In a festive opening ceremony the exhibition of the painting collection “An Ocean of Drops” was opened on Friday the 13th of January in spiritual centre “Les Sources” in Brussels. The collection of Sharmane Behechti ┬ácan be seen and purchased throughout the next months until the end of March in Les Sources. ┬áThe images of these works are based on the core teachings that are found in the Quran, a path of self development of the human individual based on human values like tolerance, peace, compassion, altruism and love, that consequently lead to the building of a more positive and harmonious society.

Brussel Jan 2017-22
Image: IOPHR
Brussel Jan 2017-29
Image: IOPHR – Dr Seyed Azmayesh gives an introduction to collection “An Ocean of Drops”.

The evening programme was rounded of by a beautiful and inspirational concert from the Soveida ensemble from the United Kingdom.

Brussel Jan 2017-33
Image: IOPHR